Turinabol is just for oral use and its dosage depends upon sex, age and required diagnosis of concerned patient. These dosages are required to be adjusted time to time according to response given by person’s body. Mostly experts prefer to assign lower dosage of this steroid. Typically males can consume 20 to 50 mg a day.
An athlete having weight about 200 pounds can take only 20mg per day whereas body builders are allowed to take 8 to 10 tablets of 5 mg that is equal to 40 to 50 mg in a day. Analysis shows good results with these dosages and it help to build solid muscle mass and improve strength. The problem of water retention is also low with this steroid and it is popularly used by most of the power lifters and weightlifters. It is best option for both men and women competitors.
For those who have reduced their weight by tight dieting schedule, this steroid is best as it helps to generate shapely muscles with great strength. It does not have side effects such as breast enlargement, estrogen surplus and is not watery.
This steroid is famous because it is easily broken down by our body and metabolites are expelled quickly via urine.

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