This enanthate ester, oil-based injectable steroid from Genetix Pharma pharmaceuticals is known for its long lasting action. The ester that’s used in the product is best known for its ability to normalize blood levels with far less frequent injections. This requires far less regular injections then you would have to take with a Acetate -based ester.
Trenbolone is synonymous with athletes as a powerful steroid. It’s known for its extreme androgenic and anabolic properties and its minimal side effects. The product is chemically incapable of aromatizing and will produce no estrogen-based side effects. This means extremely hard and defined results with weight and water cutting properties.
Those who try this product for the first time simply watch any of their fat melt away and get instantly replaced with strong quality muscle mass. This is one of the most powerful hormones on the market for muscle building and has one of the best anabolic ratings out of any product available. Even if you don’t generally eat well you can continue to drop fat quickly.
A proper PCT plan is absolutely required when using Trenbolone. Boosting your natural testosterone production will ensure that your results remain permanent and that your body can normalize after your cycle has fully completed.
The recommended dosage for this product is around 200 to 600 mg per week which can be taken all in one injection. This is not a product recommended for women.

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