Testosterone 400

10ml – 400mg/ml

Suggested Dosage: 1.5ML Weekly.

Testosterone 400  is a high concentration testosterone blend in oil-based format. In every vial of T-400 you’ll find a high concentration of four different testosterone esters. T400 contains the following: Testosterone Propionate 100mg, Enanthate 100mg, Cypionate 100mg, and Decanoate 100mg. These esters have been combined in a strategic format to produce a high concentration of multiple steroids some in extremely quick use and some for extended use.

These testosterone blends are some of the most popular products available for any hormone cycle because they are considered amongst the most basic esters available on the market. These blend testosterone’s can help you see massive anabolic and androgenic activity in your body which results in larger muscles, greater strength and an improvement in your libido and sex drive.




Recommended Dosage for men is twice a week at 250 to 1000 mg each week.


To get the correct results and to avoid any negative estrogen based symptoms it’s very important to have a proper plan of medications such as an antiestrogen like Nolvadex or Arimidex to prevent any of these side effects from occurring.

A PCT plan will also need to be put in place so that the body can restore its own natural function and experience healthy gains after a cycle is complete. Restoring pituitary gland function requires the use of medications like Clomid, Nolvadex and HCG for at least a month after the cycle is complete.