Masteron Propionate (Masteron Propionate) is similar in nature to DecaDurabolin, but with a shorter ester attached to it (Enanthate ester vs. acetate ester on Deca). This will generally make Masteron slightly more anabolic but less than Durabolin. Masteron is used as a cutting agent. It decreases estrogenrelated side effects and increases lean muscle mass.

Masteron is anabolic and androgenic. It is considered to be milder than many other anabolics but it will still make the physique tighter and harder. Masteron can be used by itself or stacked with other steroids. One popular combination is Masteron and Enanthate ester of Testosterone for a cycle of twelve weeks.

This combination is designed to produce a more advanced muscle growth cycle that can be used to bring new definition and muscle to a physique. Masteron is typically used at a 400mg per week dosage. If you are also using testosterone, youll want to add the testosterone to your cycle when you start the Masteron. It is generally best, to begin with, 250mg per week, and work your way up to 400mg per week if you feel it is needed.

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