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Clomid works as a SERM or an ester gene receptor modulator. In most cases, it is used in PCT for regulating estrogen and for normalizing body chemistry after taking aromatizing steroids.
He was originally developed for ovarian stimulation but has since become one of the top PCT medications used by bodybuilders. Clomid has a slight performance-enhancing element because it can help the body regulate testosterone production and ensure that testosterone can continue to be produced after a steroid cycle. This means that bodybuilders can continue seeing quality results and individuals that suffer from low testosterone can work at receiving the performance boost that they need to push their training to the next level.

Clomid prevents estrogen from binding to certain receptors within the body which means that estrogen will never perform in an undesirable manner or cause estrogen-related side effects. While some other medications prevent testosterone from converting into estrogen, Clomid works to reduce the amount that it acts upon the body which will, in turn, reduce the total amount of estrogen throughout the body.


In most cases, athletes will start to use 50mg of Clomid per day following their testosterone cycle. Some enjoy it for its uses as testosterone replacement therapy but ultimately it works to promote natural testosterone production after testosterone production has been chemically enhancing. Clomid can be taken in a specialty oral format and this is usually the easiest way for you to get the right dosage. Clomid is also extremely beneficial to be used with a cycle to prevent any negative estrogen-related side effects. Nolvadex and Clomid can be used in alternating fashions, one for PCT one for the cycle.


Clomid Genetix Pharma doesn’t really come with many side effects other than stimulating natural testosterone production. Ultimately it’s best to have Clomid on hand immediately after you finish any testosterone cycle so that you can control your results and maintain your results. Clomid should also be regularly used if you experience issues such as gyno and other estrogen-related side effects.

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